Add To Your WishlistTuscany Hot Tub - 5-6 Seater - NOW WITH £200 OFF

Add To Your WishlistTuscany Hot Tub - 5-6 Seater - NOW WITH £200 OFF

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    Tuscany Hot Tub by M-Spa - 5-6 Seater - NOW WITH £200 OFF

    Experience a luxurious and unique bubble massage in a portable spa designed to provide years of independence and safety. The Tuscany collection features a clean, contemporary design in a popular, acrylic-standard looking. Plastic wood panel ensures product durability, while its easy installation allows great portability.

    The FRAME collection combines revolutionary design and legendary performance. Super stiff DWF material and plastic wood grain materials are applied to the spa tub body to resemble traditional bathtubs. Relying on the modern appearance and friendly user experience, the FRAME collection provides users with fresh satisfaction. It is more than just a hot tub.

    DWF technology - Featuring the super stiff DWF material, the new CONCEPT series presents an unprecedented exterior design with excellent durability and light weight. The new DWF material is a high pressure, drop-stitch fabric inflatable to 15psi.

    O3 Ozonator - To keep your hot tubs water clean MSPA hot tubs feature built-in O3 OZONE GENERATORS. It’s incredibly helpful to kill bacteria as well as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, parasites, fungi, mold and other virus and microbes. It is 50 times more effective than chlorine, and the effects of its are visible 3,000 times faster. Turn on the O3 OZONE GENERATOR before and after use to keep you and your water healthy for soaking!

    All in one controls - With the upgraded panel, comes more operation space. Enlarged screen plus slightly tilted angle makes it easier for users to observe while sitting in the spa.

    What's in the box - Filter cartridge x 2 + cartridge base, top lid with buckle, ugraded heat preservation foam mat (9pcs/pack), wwrench, 8" foot pump, inflatable bladder, garden hose adapter, owner's manual.

    Please note - chemicals are NOT INCLUDED and need to be purchased separately.

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    Key features:

    • All in one control box
    • Heat tech
    • Variable bubble speeds
    • O3 Ozonator
    • Energy saving timer
    • Smart filtration
    • Anti-icing system
    • Antibacterial
    • UVC sanitiser