Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Care for your garden with our range of best-selling tools, ideal for deadwood removal, shaping, improving health, harvesting and increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits.

Ratchet pruners

Darlac Ratchet Pruner

Darlac Ratchet PrunerThis top of the range Ratchet Pruner with slim profile handles is the preferred choice of those with small hands. The squeeze/rel...
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Gardena flower fork

Gardena Flower Fork

The Gardena Flower Fork is a versatile tool suitable for planting and transplanting while being gentle on roots.With its ergonomically shaped handle i...
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Weed brush

Long Handled Weed Brush

This long handled weed brush, complete with stainless steel bristles and scraper, is ideal for removing tough weeds and moss from joints of block pavi...
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