Add To Your WishlistAlpine 6-Seater Hot Tub With FREE Chemical Starter Pack

Add To Your WishlistAlpine 6-Seater Hot Tub With FREE Chemical Starter Pack



    Relax your body, calm your mind and lift your spirits in a luxurious bath of water and bubbles. Choose the unique square shape 6-seater Alpine spa with built-in control system and whisper quiet technology for the ultimate relaxation experience. Alpine brings harmony to your bathroom or patio design.

    The Alpine Hot Tub offers basic air bubble massage by delivering thousands of bubbles to thoroughly massage the body for an invigorating experience. The strategic placement of air jets on the lower perimeter creates a bathing experience that stimulates the release of muscle tension.

    Dynamic air jets - The heat from the water promotes circulation and speeds up the removal of lactic acid build up, while the buoyancy of water generated by 104-138 dynamic air jets counters the effects of gravity to take the pressure off joints.

    Plug & play - Take your hot tub anywhere. Benefiting from a patented self-inflation function, you just need to remove the spa from its box, plug in, and watch it inflate in minutes!

    Smart touch - Easily access all spa functions with just one hand with the waterproof, smart touch controller.

    What's in the box - Filter cartridge + cartridge base, wired controller, garden hose adapter, ground buckle mat and top lid, wrench, owner's manual.

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    Key features:

    • Free chemical starter pack
    • Wired controller
    • Heat tech
    • Air jet bubbles
    • Energy saving timer
    • Smart filtration
    • Anti-icing system
    • Antibacterial